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Seamless Digitization of the Parking Lot at Legia Warsaw Stadium

Discover how Naviparking revolutionized the parking experience at Marshal Józef Piłsudski's Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw. By implementing the Navipay mobile app and integrating it with existing CAME hardware, the stadium overcame the challenges of underutilized parking and operational bottlenecks. Explore how the digital transformation not only optimized facility operations but also served as a strategic move for Legia Warszawa in enhancing user engagement and revenue opportunities.

✅ The following case study presents the implementation of the Navipay mobile application at Marshal Józef Piłsudski's Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw parking lot in Warsaw by Naviparking. 

✅ The client faced challenges in unlocking the full potential of the parking space between events, aiming for additional monetization from the lot. Another issue was the insufficient number of cash registers, negatively affecting traffic at the facility.

✅ To tackle the challenges, Naviparking proposed the implementation of the Navipay mobile application for the parking lot and integrating it with the pre‑existing CAME hardware.

✅ The Legia Warszawa parking lot was also added to the website to invite more users to make reservations and purchase subscriptions at the facility.

✅ Cooperation with Legia Warszawa became a great opportunity to increase recognition of the Naviparking brand that can be considered also as a PR achievement.  

About the Legia Warsaw stadium parking lot

The Marshal Józef Piłsudski's Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw parking lot, situated at Łazienkowska 3 Street in Warsaw, is a two-level indoor facility under a stadium. It has a capacity of 779 spaces and additionally 18 parking spaces for VIPs. The parking lot consists of two parking zones, one of which is exclusively for the football club employees. Apart from the stadium, which hosts international matches and non-sports events, the facility comprises the Legia Warsaw Museum, a sports store, as well as tennis courts and additional training fields.

The stadium management provided Naviparking with 200 parking spaces for use on days when there are no football matches or Legia-organized private events at the facility.

Identified challenges and needs. Objectives to be achieved

The needs of the client included optimizing parking space utilization between events, increasing monetization opportunities, and addressing the shortage of cash registers negatively affecting facility traffic. Naviparking’s solutions (i.e. the portal and the Navipay application) were met with enthusiasm from the client. They viewed it as an opportunity to attract new users.   Naviparking proposed changes that aimed to increase revenue from the facility, enhance the popularity of the parking lot among tourists and local inhabitants outside match events at Legia Warszawa stadium, facilitate traffic at the parking lot, and establish clear communication to customers that parking spaces can be booked only on days without football matches or Legia-organized events.   During matches, only people with tickets for the event can use the stadium parking lot. Legia Warszawa has a website where drivers can reserve a parking spot, but it's only for match days.

Solution for Legia: Navipay and the portal

Prior to the integration of Naviparking's solution, the Legia Warszawa parking lot had three card payment-enabled ticket cash registers at the entrance, as well as entry and exit terminals, License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, and CAMe‑installed barriers. The parking lot has four entries and four exits. There was no prior software utilized to handle parking reservations outside the days of events organized by Legia.     

To address the previously defined challenges Naviparking decided to use the following software

Navipay–an application allowing customers (drivers) to pay parking fees from a phone and entering a parking lot in a touchless manner. Other benefits include real-time parking status, automatic entrance and exit process, one‑click payments with a variety of providers.–multilingual platform offering parking reservation and subscription services with payment in advance. Legia Warszawa obtained not only a dedicated subpage but also a separate landing page on the portal, available at

Both Navipay and the portal serve as an alternative method of payment, apart from the checkouts at the stadium

  When it comes to hardware, Naviparking didn't install any new equipment at the parking lot at Legia Warszawa because the overarching objective was to deploy the digital solutions of Naviparking with the existing infrastructure. The new software was fully integrated with the hardware of CAME, Naviparking's partner. What’s important, CAME has uploaded a system update that allows for digital payments via the Navipay application and making reservations via the portal. Naviparking team is planning to implement Scan to Pay in the beginning of 2024. 

Obtained results

The integration of Navipay and the online reservation portal has significantly streamlined our operations at Legia Warszawa Stadium. Naviparking serves as an all-encompassing partner for Legia, providing end-to-end support that spans customer journey mapping, risk assessment, solution implementation, thorough testing, customer care, marketing campaigns, and the creation of promotional videos. Their commitment extends beyond individual services, ensuring a holistic approach to both processes and customer satisfaction.

Aleksandra Kalinowska, Dyrektor ds. Komunikacji i Marketingu @ Legia Warszawa
The digitization of the Legia Warszawa parking lot by Naviparking has yielded significant and positive results, showcasing our ability to implement personalized projects with elevated requirements. Our in-house development approach ensures that the solutions created for Legia can be seamlessly applied to various locations.   The Legia project, receiving special attention and additional resources beyond our standard package, has demonstrated notable improvements. Through our meticulously designed landing page and targeted messages, drivers are now better informed about parking restrictions and have gained enhanced knowledge about events in the vicinity   Because of the lack of data from Legia Warszawa’s side regarding the occupancy rate, we can’t compare the number of transactions from before and after the implementation of the Naviparking solution. According to the data gathered by Naviparking, after one full month after the parking lot opened the number of transactions has grown by 76%. After two full months of parking lot availability, the growth equaled to 277%. It’s worth noting that the growth in website sessions from September to November equaled approximately 112.3%.   Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through the availability of our Customer Care team via phone and email, efficiently handling numerous inquiries related to parking rules at Legia. This proactive approach has relieved Legia of this responsibility, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

The integration of Navipay and the online reservation portal at became a total success. The final result speaks volumes about the efficiency that Naviparking brings to the realm of parking solutions. Our company has put a lot of thought into creating a customer-friendly and informative parking experience. Our Customer Care department is available to answer all questions about parking availability dates, payment and reservation systems.

Katarzyna Krupińska, Project Manager @ Naviparking
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