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Manage your parking lot from anywhere with online tools. Release your parking lot potential with multisharing spots, book parking spots for your guests in advance to improve their experience.
Parking management systems

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Free parking spots application

Each day a single employee wastes 15 minutes to find a free parking spot?

Source: Innovative Cities - the life, work and housing of tomorrow. ThinkCo Report, 2022

Thanks to our solution, your employees will be able to check the availability of parking spaces and book them before they even leave home. No more late arrivals to work!

Increase parking rotation

Building one parking spot costs about $25,000

Source: Parking Structure Cost Outlook for 2021. WGI, 2021

Say goodbye to construction! Multisharing spots allows you to increase parking rotation. When an employee with assigned spot is absent, their spot returns to the open pool and other people can park on it. It takes just few clicks.

Designing efficient parking zones

Usually there are 5 parking spots per 1,000 sq m of office space in the city center

Source: Analysis of Office Parking Spaces. Warsaw Monitoring Center, 2018

Designate parking access zones for specific groups of people or assign spots permanently. Allow employees to book spots before arriving to work and provide equal access to parking.

How we work



We carefully listen to your needs, then our experts propose the best solution to fit them. Our solutions are suitable for both building managers and tenants.


Site visit

Our expert will audit your parking lot from a technical point of view to confirm the applicability of selected solution.



Often the upgrade only involves integrating existing hardware with Naviparking software. The entire process is done remotely to ensure a quick launch.

Sounds interesting?

Digital parking solutions in GTC Łódź

Data is the key to efficient use of resources

After the implementation of the Naviparking Enterprise solution, GTC Łódź parking lot’s occupancy rate is 40% which cannot be compared to the previous state due to lack of occupancy control. Our solution has revealed additional opportunities for more efficient use of parking by monetizing vacant spaces.

Our solutions

  • Efficient planning

    Optimize your facility management with data analysis and anticipate / estimate / plan occupancy in advance.

  • Multisharing spots

    Employees of different companies can park in each other's spots during their abscence. You decide when to make them available.

  • Full utilization

    Open up your parking lot to the public during off-hours and use the space to its maximum.

  • Group creation

    Easily create parking access groups. Assign spots to particular people permanently, seperate a pool of spots requiring reservation or not.

  • Guest spot management

    Book parking spots for your guests in advance and improve their experience.

  • Correct parking control

    Every driver can report incorrect parking if someone has taken their assigned spot. The system will identify which spots are still available.

  • ESG-compliance

    Meet ESG requirements through efficient use of existing resources. With us, you will eliminate vacant spots, reduce air pollution and stress among employees.

  • Remote repairs

    Our team has a real-time preview of the issues and maintains the parking lot remotely, so you won't even notice when the problem has been resolved.

Our partners

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All-in-one partner for parking lot modernization
Provider of the latest technologies infused with smart city spirit
Company with experience in foreign markets
Amano parking systems

Naviparking x Amano

We work with the best, which is the reason why we integrate our digital solutions with Amano, the largest provider of parking systems in the world. our implementations with Amano cover a variety of locations, including office buildings and shopping malls, proving that every parking lot can be digital. In Poland, we cooperate with the only official supplier of the system - CarPark.

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