What does digital parking mean?

See what is possible today and how you can get rid of parking problems.

Digitalization of parking lots
Eliminate tickets in parking lots

Ticket elimination

No more collecting paper tickets.  Just use the app or QR code to park or do nothing and enter seamlesssly thanks to camera-based license plate recognition. Less hassle, less waste

Parking spot booking

Employees can be assigned parking spots permanently or book them just before arriving at the office. Parking spot guarantee is our recipe for peace of mind.

Parking spot booking

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Correct parking control

Correct parking control

Every driver can report incorrect parking if someone has taken their assigned spot. The system will identify which spots are still available. It's that simple!

Parking lot signages

Parking lot signages

Modern parking is not only about technology, but also about simple parking signages that smoothly guide drivers to the right spots. Forget getting lost in parking lots.

Enter the world of digital parking


Modernize your parking lot

Share spots with other companies, get additional source of revenue during off-hours and optimize your facility management with data analysis.


Manage your parking spots

Manage your parking lot from anywhere with online tools, release its potential with multisharing spots and book spots for your guests in advance.


Go beyond parking management

Enjoy complex marketing support and parking signage services to improve your employees and guests experience.

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Boost access & benefits

Benefits of digitizing parking lots

Boost access & benefits

  • parking spot bookings for employees
  • multisharing spots between employees
  • equal access to parking for everyone
  • extra revenue from parking lot during off-hours
  • designated parking access zones to specific groups
  • no more vacant spots

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Remote solution of parking lot problems

Remote repairs

Our team has a real-time preview of the issues and maintains the parking lot remotely, so you won't even notice when the problem has been resolved.

Real-time data from parking lots

Full control

Access to real-time data on parking lot operations will allow you to optimize parking lot performance and make the most of it.

Digital parking solutions in GTC Francuska

Small facility with massive potential - case study of GTC Francuska

Without the solution of NaviParking, the parking lot’s managers and tenants didn’t have any tool to monitor and control the facility, e.g. in terms of occupancy rate. Receiving answers from the parking lot operator to the inquiries related to the installed hardware was a time‑consuming and unsatisfactory process. The GTC Katowice staff wished the new operator to be more available for their needs.

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