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Discover our smart parking solutions at Gitex: Future Urbanism Smart City Summit, Informa: The Intermobility Expo and Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit.

We will be exhibiting at 

16–20 October 2023

Gitex - Future Urbanism Smart City Summit

Location: Dubai, WTC
Future Urbanism Expo is a 5-day global forum that brings together urbanists, investors and developers of sustainable technologies for smart cities from around the world.
21–23 November 2023

Informa - The Intermobility Expo

Location: Dubai, WTC
The main focus of the Intermobility Expo will be on roads, rails and transport, including safety, sustainability and the future of mobility in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa region. 
31 October–1 November 2023

Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit

Location: Abu Dhabi
The event brings together key government and private organizations to discuss their initiatives and technology requirements to make Abu Dhabi's vision of becoming a leading global Smart City a reality.
Maximize parking profits

Sustainable digital parking solutions & mobility services

Our main focus is digitalization and process automation that leads to cost optimization and enables efficient parking space utilization. Our deployments cover not only parking modernization, but also support sustainable growth and fulfillment of ESG goals.

Electric cars already account for more than 1% of all cars in the UAE.

Smart Parking Solutions, 2022
Source: UP.Partners analysis based on data from Dealroom, “The State of HaaS”, 2022.
Innovative digital services - NaviParking

Hardware partnerships

Naviparking integrates all elements of parking infrastructure into a single command center. 

Our expertise results in obtaining certification from manufacturers, thanks to which we provide integration based on the most detailed requirements as well as provide access to the service of our certified technician for the ultimate comfort.  

Our integrations

New business model to make innovation accessible 

Hardware owned by Naviparking
Installed at customers site
Parties sign a service‑level agreement to define the party responsibilities 

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How it works?



Parking Management System is installed & owned by Naviparking based on monthly licence fee and/or commission model

Partner ecosystem

In coordination with ecosystem of partners, parking becomes a mobility hub - heart of sustainable city based on open API model

Data analysis

Regarding data collection & processing, the Naviparking Team delivers high-quality analysis of traffic with predictive algorithms that can improve product effectiveness


System can be used by parking owner & parking management company with support service provided by Naviparking
Process automation

Our vision of smart mobility for better cities

Through our business, we are solving the global parking problem that every city faces - we increase parking space without the need to remove green areas, build more parking spaces and reduce the cost of using and maintaining parking lots in cities.

Transport is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions, 75% of which comes from road traffic.

Parkwell, Car Parks Impact on Carbon Emissions, 2022

How does the parking digitization with Naviparking work?

Watch Mateusz Brzozowski, Senior IT Project Manager at Naviparking, explain the steps of implementation, identification of customer problems and selection of solutions to face the customer’s challenges!

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Next generation of smart parking & mobile payments

Increasing customer’s convenience at every step 


Hardware‑as-a-Service is a procurement model that is similar to leasing or licensing

Sustainable parking, mobility and smart city

Well-planned parking spaces are a strategic element of urban development

Sustainable Digital Mobility Platforms

All you need to know about smart cities and parking platforms

Digital parking means...

  • No more collecting paper tickets, just use the app or QR code to enter and exit. Less hassle, less waste.
  • Optimize your facility management with data analysis and plan occupancy in advance.
  • Employees of different companies can park in each other's spots during their absence. You decide when to make the spots available.
  • Open up your parking lot to the public during off-hours and use the space to its maximum.
  • We are a top-quality certified hardware provider. AMANO, CAME and ARH are just a few of them. We integrate only with the best.
  • Our team has a real-time preview of the issues and maintains the parking lot remotely, so you won't even notice when the problem has been resolved.
Efficient digital parking

Learn more about our smart city vision

Listen to the episode of our in-house Smart City Navigators podcast featuring Naviparking CEO, Marek Stawinski.

Drivers spend an average of ten minutes looking for a parking spot, covering over 2 miles in the process and producing around 1.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide?

APCOA report, 2022

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