The world’s population is exploding, putting more pressure on transportation system in cities. One of the biggest challenges of urban mobility is alleviating traffic congestion and pollution caused by searching for parking. Combining parking data and smart parking technologies we help to optimize parking spots allocation, make urban mobility more sustainable and cities more liveable for present and future generations.

We are dedicated to co-creating the future of mobility and providing user-centric mobility services by supporting open data and building an ecosystem of partnerships. Tackling emmissions caused by transport requires integrated strategy considering the role of smart parking and data integration with transport services and shared mobility providers. By utilizing data analytics, AI and emerging technologies we aim to reimagine parking management and develop future-oriented new mobility solutions enabling to achieve “zero emission” goals. Deploying intelligent mobility and smart parking reduce time spent in traffic - which, according to Juniper Research, can save drivers 60 hours yearly.

De-congesting cities by optimizing urban mobility and shortening the time to find a parking spot, has direct social, economic and environmental benefits – to which we aim to contribute.

Smart Parking As Multimodal Intelligent Mobility Hub


shared and sustainable
mobility behaviour changes
that minimize
environmental impact
access to EV charging
transfer to eco-friendly
modes of transport
vehicles adoption
first and last mile
mobility encouraging
the use of public transport


Filling The Gap In Parking Management

Digitization and automation increases efficiency and productivity, reducing costs and allowing more adaptable property space utilization that cater to the changing parking demand. Digital parking is a flexible, liquid asset - it can be shared, allocated in real time, have different pricing models and facilitate parking enforcement.

NaviParking platform provides publicly available, real-time information about nearby parkings, thus enabling owners of parking spaces to rent them. Digitally enabled parking management runs efficiently through the integration of innovative technologies using AI, sensors, image recognition, beacons, Internet-of-Things, and a reliable IBM cloud platform. Through REST API the platform is open to integration with external partners, supporting interoperability within SmartCity ecosystem.


Cohesive Approach To Parking Management

  1. Facilitates operation and automates management of parking assets
  2. Attracts new customers
  3. Enables monetising unused capacity
  4. Digitalizes parking access with the use of application
  5. Optimizes parking capacity utilization
  6. Cuts costs and increases parking management efficiency
  1. Provides dashboard with parking traffic analytics
  2. Allows dynamic pricing based on demand
  3. Maximizes revenue from property parking assets
  4. Supports management of city parkings
  5. Promotes customer service, loyalty and convenience


Access to parking is becoming a challenge for businesses and customers. Recognizing the costs of parking construction and maintenance, businesses are looking for smarter solutions and effective parking management. In the coming years the forecast predicts 65% increase in Smart Parking adoption replacing unorganized parking solutions.




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