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Smart cities



The modern city is a fast developing structure of eco – friendly and highly innovative solutions. These solutions allow the natural environment to renew itself and it makes the transportation system smarter than ever before.

NaviParking supports the development of smart cities. We invite municipalities, public institutions and organizations in the private sector to work together on reducing traffic congestion. This is done by implementing ‘smart parking’ solutions (up to 30% of city traffic is caused by drivers searching for parking spaces). We respond to the global need of reducing emissions and we help increase the capacity of infrastructure. All through simple applications that facilitate parking in the congested streets of large cities!

We have created a mobile application that provides users with real time information on the availability of parking spaces in the biggest cities of Europe and Australia ( Amsterdam, Warsaw and Sydney). Also, parking in every airport in Poland. You can make a reservation in the car park and in the near future you will have to possibility to pay directly with your Smartphone!

Why did we create NaviParking? With constantly being on the road, we decided to improve the process of finding parking spaces in crowded cities. Thanks to our solution we can maximize the use of free parking spaces! Enjoy our innovative ideas!

Naviparking is a Polish start-up, carried out by people who are passionate for creating new technology. Inspired by our many business trips to Europe, we generated ideas for an app that would make our life on the road easier.

As a group of geeks who are in co-operation with the leaders in innovation and Smart City professionals, we focus on mobile solutions that have a direct effect on the lives of inhabitants in large cities.

We also aim to support local communities by helping owners of small parking lots grow their business by increasing their presence in the digital world. In our world, everyone is a winner!

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