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The modern city is a fast developing structure of eco - friendly, highly innovative solutions, allowing renewal natural environment and make transportation system smarter than before. NaviParking supporting the development of smart cities invites municipalities, public institutions and private sector organizations to work together on the reduction of traffic congestion through "smart parking" solutions (up to 30% of traffic in a city is caused by drivers searching for free parking spaces). Responding for global need to reduce emissions and increase the capacity of infrastructure, we create applications that facilitate parking in congested streets of big cities!

We have created the mobile application which provides detailed information about free parking spaces in the biggest cities of Europe and Australia (Amsterdam, Warszawa, Sydney) and on every airport in Poland. You can make a reservation on car parks and soon we will give you the possibility to pay online directly from your smartphon! How the idea of NaviParking came up? Being constantly on the "road" we decided to improve the process of finding free parking spaces in crowded cities. Thanks our soulution we can maximalize using of parking spaces. Enjoy our innovative ideas!

NaviParking a Polish startup, carried out by people with a passion to create new technologies. Inspired during business trips to Europe, we came up with the idea of creating a mobile app simplifying our life on the road. As a group of geeks and experienced in cooperation with innovation leaders, Smart City professionals, we focus on mobile solutions that directly affect the lives of the inhabitants of large cities. We also want to support local communities by helping owners of small parking lots to grow their business by increasing theirs visibility in digital world. We believe that everyone will be winning!

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