Quick and easy parking in big cities?

We support the development of smart cities!

Thanks to our mobile solution we connect drivers with the car park owners.

Parking should not be a nightmare. NaviParking has created a free mobile application which gives you the opportunity to search for the cheapest and best located parking space in congested metropolitan areas.

With real time information and an easy-to-use application, you will be presented with all free parking spaces that are nearest to your destination.

The modern city is a fast developing structure of eco – friendly and highly innovative solutions. These solutions allow the natural environment to renew itself and it makes the transportation system smarter than ever before.

NaviParking supports the development of smart cities. We invite municipalities, public institutions and organizations in the private sector to work together on reducing traffic congestion. This is done by implementing ‘smart parking’ solutions (up to 30% of city traffic is caused by drivers searching for parking spaces). We respond to the global need of reducing emissions and we help increase the capacity of infrastructure. All through simple applications that facilitate parking in the congested streets of large cities!

We invite car park owners to co-operate with NaviParking. By working with us you will not only receive our patronage, but also an influx of new customers!

Promote your parking and get to familiarize yourself with the global driving community!